Howard University Hospital Invites Washington-Area Clergy, Churches, and Community to Open House

WASHINGTON (Sept. 10) -- Howard University Hospital and Washington-area religious leaders invite local residents to a day of free health screenings and counseling as part of Community Clergy Partnership Day Thursday, Sept. 16, at Howard University Hospital.

Physicians and medical technicians will be on hand to provide health screenings from 11:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.  Screenings include blood pressure, diabetes, prostate cancer and colon cancer.   Visitors can also receive free medical counseling with vision and dental professionals as well as free individual consultations with doctors, pharmacists and nutritionists.

In addition, there will be special presentations on women’s health, including fertility, permanent contraception, breast cancer and new minimally invasive surgical procedures for incontinence and fibroid tumors.  Visitors can also receive tours of the labor and delivery suites in the hospital’s Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology and receive schedules of the department’s free prenatal classes.

Physicians will also be on hand to talk about issues of particular importance to the elderly and their families.

Glenda Hodges, associate hospital director and organizer of the day, urged residents to take advantage of free counseling and to explore the services offered by Howard University Hospital.

“Howard University Hospital has been delivering the highest quality healthcare to the residents of metropolitan Washington for more than 140 years,” Hodges said. “We invite people to meet our friendly and courteous staff and learn about the many medical services we offer.”

For additional information, contact Cynthia Livingston at 202.865.1375.

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