Howard University’s First Research Day Features Projects by Faculty and Students

WASHINGTON (June 17)– The projects scattered across the lobby of the College of Medicine’s Numa P.G. Adams building had complex titles and ranged across a array of subjects – cancer to dental care to psychiatry to belly fat.

But the scores of exhibits all had one thing in common --research, the kind of study that has advanced health care over the years and improved millions of lives worldwide.

Nearly 200 research efforts, 199 to be exact, were on display last month as part of Howard University’s first Research Day.  The works represented 150 undergraduate, graduate, and doctorate students and post-graduates and professors from the University.

Medical doctors, researchers and scholars from a wide variety of fields judged the projects and awarded winners in five categories. 

The event produced by professors from the three colleges under Health Science -- Medicine, Dentistry and Pharmacy, Nursing and Allied Sciences.

Dr. Kristy Woods, associate vice president for Research and Faculty Development for Health Sciences, led the effort.

“This day is important, because it allows researchers to be aware of what other scientists around the nation are doing and provides the opportunity to develop collaborations and interdisciplinary efforts,” Woods said.

Tadasha Culbreath, assistant professor at Howard University College of Dentistry and one of the organizers of Research Day, said the projects represented the kind of scientific research that have aided society over centuries.

“From the discovery of the vaccines for small pox to polio to the identification of HIV, it has been scientific research like this has been vital to medical advancements,” Culbreath said.  “These projects by our students and faculty are a continuation of that process.”

The research winners were:

Senior Faculty Category:

  1. Kebreten Manaye, M.D., College of Medicine, Effects of 17α-Estradiol on Oxidative Stress and Cell Death In APP695 and APP/PS1 In Vitro Models of Aβ Pathology.
  2. Garnett Henley, College of Dentistry, Validation of Felder’s Learning Styles Index (LSI) As A Tool To Classify How Howard Dental Students Learn.
  3. Celia Maxwell, M.D., College of Medicine, HIV Screening in an Urban Emergency Department: Does Testing Methodology Impact the Refusal Rate of Women?

Junior Faculty Category:

  1. Pradeep Karla, Ph.D., College of Pharmacy, Nursing and Allied Health Sciences, Development of Interactive Learning Environment in Classroom by a New Internet based Teaching tool to Improve Faculty Student Interaction.
  2. Mezbah Faruque, M.D., Ph.D., College of Medicine, A Genome-wide Association Study for House Dust Mite Sensitivity in Populations of African Descent.
  3. Tongxin Wang, Ph.D., College of Dentistry, High Strength Bioresorbable Composites for Bone Fixation and Repair.

Post-Doc/Resident Category:

  1. Sharon Onguti, M.D.,College of Medicine, The Association Between Insurance Status And Tracheostomy Among Critically Injured Patients with Respiratory Failure.
  2. Nikita Basant, Ph.D., College of Pharmacy, Nursing and Allied Health Sciences, Structure-based Rational Design of Novel Inhibitors for Human Histone Deacetylase Isoform 2 (HDAC2) to Treat Pancreatic Cancer.
  3. Khadega Abuelgasim, M.D., College of Medicine, Single Institution Data on Triple Negative Breast Cancer in African American Women. *

Graduate Student Category:

  1. Rachel Jeanty, College of Medicine, Epidemiological and Clinical Characterization of Aging HIV Patients Identified Through Routine HIV Screening
  2. David Awotwe-Otoo, College of Pharmacy, Nursing and Allied Health Sciences, Evaluation Of Anticancer Drug-Loaded Nanoparticle Characteristics by a Non-Invasive Methodology.
  3. Mozna Khraiwesh, College of Medicine, In Vitro Evaluation Of The Antitrypanosomal Properties Of Some Novel Imido-Substituted 1,4-Naphthoquinone Derivatives.

Professional Student Category:

  1. Duaa Altaee, College of Medicine, Links between Trauma and Insomnia in Young African Americans.
  2. Angelo Pope, College of Dentistry, Identifying the Function of Tgfβr3 in Submandibular Gland Morphogenesis  and the Effect of Clioquinol Combined with Zinc on the Growth of Prostate Cancer Cells.

Omar Bibi, College of Medicine, Rotational Gluteus Maximus Myocutaneous Flap with Subclinical Widespread Myofascial Necrosis Case Study.

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