Howard Dentist Inducted into International College of Dentists

WASHINGTON -- Dr. Andrea Bonnick, D.D.S., chair of the Department of Dentistry at Howard University College of Dentistry and director of the Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery Program at Howard University Hospital, has been inducted into the International College of Dentists, the world’s preeminent international dentist organization.

Fellowship in the college is by invitation only and is an honor bestowed upon those accomplished dentists who have made significant contributions to the profession, their community and their families.

Inductees must have at least five years of active practice in dentistry or in any phase of dentistry that meets that definition, such as teaching, research or government service.

An inductee must be at least 30 years old, a member in good standing with local and regional dental organizations old and a graduate of a dental school recognized by the International College of Dentists.

Additionally, an inductee must be recognized as an active contributor to the dental profession, the community and must be highly esteemed for integrity and character.  Finally, a member must be acceptable to the local or state Board of Regents or the governing body.

The college, whose mission is to advance the art and science of dentistry for the health and welfare of the public internationally, found Dr. Bonnick met all those qualities and qualifications.

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