Howard University Physician Named ‘Psychiatrist of the Year’

By Amber Ravenell
Office of University Communications

WASHINGTON -- Dr. Evaristus Nwulia, an assistant professor in the Howard University Hospital Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences, was named ‘Psychiatrist of the Year’ by the Washington Psychiatric Society.

The Washington Psychiatric Society, which is affiliated with the American Psychiatric Association, is a medial organization that specializes in the diagnosis and treatment of mental disease and has over 5,000 members in Washington, northern Virginia and southern Maryland.

“Being recognized by your highly esteemed peers is a great honor for anyone,” Nwulia said.  “I am highly honored that amongst very hardworking, dedicated and excellent psychiatrists in this district, I was selected for this award.

“This award rejuvenates the desire to continue to make important service and research contributions to my field,” said Nwulia. “It also helps me to reflect and be thankful to Howard University for the wonderful opportunities it has afforded to me.”

Nwulia studied at the University of Benin in Nigeria and completed his residency at Johns Hopkins University, where he focused on psychiatry.

He now focuses the bulk of his research on mood disorders such as schizophrenia and bipolar disorder, and the chemical processes behind them.  In 2011, he received over $2 million in support from the National Institutes of Health to study mood disorders. He also received funding from the Dana Foundation, a brain research organization, for similar studies. Nwulia has taught several courses at the Howard University College of Medicine since 2006.

He will be formally recognized at the Washington Psychiatric Society Awards Dinner on Nov. 10 at the Embassy of Canada.

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