Nandedkar Seminar/Workshop Widely Covered in India

WASHINGTON (May 24) -- Arvind K.N. Nandedkar, Ph.D. professor of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology and the Safety Officer for Howard University College of Medicine, recently conducted a seminar and workshop on safety issues and best practices at the Doaba Group of Colleges (DGC) in Mohali, Punjab, India.

His lecture, titled “Safety Issues in Chemical and Biological Laboratories; Best Practices in Academia and Industries,” was widely covered by the media, appearing in three newspapers, including the Daily Post, an English-language newspaper.

More than 100 faculty members from various disciplines and institutes attended the event.  Nandedkar, the first Indian-American scientist to be elected president of the American Institute of Chemists, has made extensive contributions to the development of safety protocols in the United States.

During the presentation, Jeet Singh chief administrator of DGC, and Professor Daljit Singh, director of DGC, applauded Nandedkar for his work in promoting cooperation between India and the U.S. in science and technology.

DGC was established in 1998 and has three campuses at three separate locations. Top magazines and newspapers have rated DGC as a leading institute of Punjab in providing quality education. The colleges offer professional courses in the diverse fields, including engineering, computer applications, business management, pharmacy, hotel management, and airlines-tourism.  For more about DGC, visit

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