HU Cancer Center Sponsors Breast Cancer Support Activities

WASHINGTON - Howard University Hospital (HUH) held multiple activities in October to raise awareness of breast cancer and money for research and patient support, including the second annual Rosemary Williams Breast Cancer Brunch on Oct. 18, sponsored by the Howard University Cancer Center.

Hospital staff also organized a bake sale and a basket raffle contest. Baskets were donated by the hospital’s Department of Radiation Oncology and the Department of Maternal Child Health Nursing. The proceeds from the two events were donated to the Cancer Center’s patient assistance program.

Roberta F. Bell, MSN, a maternity nurse educator in the Department of Staff Development and Quality Management, said she was proud of the level of engagement and involvement by HUH staff, noting, “I am so excited and energized by the response of my colleagues at the hospital to this year’s projects.”

More than 200 hospital employees wore specially ordered, breast cancer t-shirts on Oct. 28. Employees also manned information tables in the hospital where women were able to sign up for mammograms.

At the brunch, WUSA 9 morning news anchor Andrea Roane, who is a co-chair of the event, received the Rosemary Williams Leadership Award. Janice Pinckney, an infusion nurse at the Cancer Center, was honored with the LaSalle D. Leffall Award for Excellence in Patient Care. The brunch is named after the late Rosemary Williams, who was a tireless advocate for equal access to quality health care for underserved women.

“We greatly appreciate the support that Ms. Roberta Bell and the other staff at Howard University Hospital have provided to the Cancer Center throughout the years,” said Cherie Spenser, director of community engagement at the Cancer Center. “The patient assistance program allows us to enhance the services we offer to people affected by cancer.”

For additional information on supporting the Howard University Cancer Center, please contact Cherie Spencer at (202) 865-5399, or via email:

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