Cardiovascular Division Honors Patients with Heart Love Luncheon

By Jordane Frazier
Howard University Office of Communications

WASHINGTON (Feb. 14, 2013) --- As part of Heart Month, Howard University Hospital Division of Cardiovascular Medicine treated some of its current and previous patients to a luncheon at the Howard University Health Sciences Library.

Sunlight beamed through the surrounding floor-to-ceiling windows of the library’s Rotunda Room as invited patients, doctors and hospital staff enjoyed a three-course heart-healthy meal over Valentine’s Day inspired table decorations.

Dr. Michelle Albert, the new chief of the Division of Cardiovascular Medicine and director of Cardiovascular Research, delivered an engaging presentation about the risk factors and effects of heart disease and how these effects especially relate to minorities.

“Despite advances in cardiovascular care, African Americans continue to lag behind in the nation in quality of life related to heart disease,” Albert said. “This is reflected, unfortunately, in our life expectancy, which generally is lowest among black men and women compared to other ethnic or racial groups.”

Following Dr. Albert’s presentation, the group of patients told the audience about their personal experiences in the Cardiovascular Division and how those experiences saved their lives.

One of those presenters was Shirley Wise, 70, of Washington.   Wise told the audience about her first bout with heart disease.  She remembered experiencing pain and the next thing she recalled was waking up days later in the hospital with doctors and nursing staff by her side.

“They saved my life,” Wise said. “I had negative thoughts about the hospital, because it always had a bad rep, but after I got there I was really happy with the doctors and nursing staff and their cardiac rehab. I would definitely recommend it.”

Others told of similar experiences and how through proper diet and exercise they have improved their heart health and their overall fitness.

 “My health is much better now,” Wise said.

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