Dental Hygiene Application Procedure

Download the Dental Hygiene Program Brochure for a detailed guide to applying to the program

In general, for Admission consideration, you must: 

  1. Complete the Howard University Undergraduate Admission (Common Application) this is the application for the Howard University Dental Hygiene Program 
    1. Applicant is: “Transfer” 
    2. Course of Study selection: “Certificate of Dental Hygiene” 
    3. Admissions application fee paid online: US$45.00 

Howard University Application for Undergraduate Admission / Dental Hygiene Program is online at “” from Howard University’s homepage place cursor on “ADMISSIONS” then on UNDERGRADUATE” click “ADMISSION PROCESS” then “COMMON APPLICATION” from this point follow instructions provided on each page to complete the online common application. *Note:  once you SUBMIT the application, you will not be able to access it again. 

Email official supporting documents to:  


  1. Supporting documents

    Complete application file includes: (all listed below need to be mailed together) 
    1. Demographic Information Form 
    2. TEAS test scores (ATI
    3. Proof of previous degree  
    4. One (1) official transcript(s) from all post-secondary institutions attended 
    5. One (1) letter of recommendation from a college professor 
    6. One (1) letter of recommendation from an employer 
    7. Autobiographical Essay 
    8. Statement of Interest (answer the following questions) 
      1. Why have you chosen dental hygiene as your professional career? 
      2. Why do you want to attend Howard University for your educational goal? 
      3. Why should the Dental Hygiene Admissions Committee select you? 

Application Deadline 

The application deadline each academic year is February 15. Classes begin in August. The Howard University Dental Hygiene Program only enrolls at the beginning of each academic year (Fall semester). 

Keep a copy of your complete application file for your records. Just in case of an unforeseen incident (application lost in the mail, etc) it is highly recommended to keep a copy of all documents sent for your records. 

* AN INCOMPLETE APPLICATION FILE WILL NOT BE CONSIDERED Please keep a copy of all documents sent to Howard University 

To help move the application process forward: Send a copy of your application file (all documents listed above) via email and/or mail to: 

Email address  

Mailing address
Howard University College of Dentistry
Department of Dental Hygiene
Admissions Committee
600 W Street NW Room 401
Washington, DC 20059 

Note: The application file that is being sent to the Admissions Committee can be (official or unofficial), and it can be sent via (email and/or mail).