Department of Microbiology

Microorganisms, creatures that are invisible to the naked eye, most dramatically demonstrate biological diversity. Whether looking at a biochemical property or genetic mechanism, the analysis of microorganisms takes us to the limits of biologic understanding.

The microbiology department is one of five basic science departments in the College of Medicine that offer the Doctor of Philosophy degree in biomedical research. Students have the opportunity, under the careful guidance of a faculty advisor, to pursue specific research topics in either cellular and molecular biology, immunology, pathogenic microbiology, or virology, as well as related disciplines. Doctor of Philosophy degree (Ph.D.). A minimum of 72 credit hours (crs) in prescribed course work beyond the baccalaureate degree is required for the Ph.D. degree. In addition to the required departmental courses, students must successfully complete courses in biochemistry, biostatistics, expository writing, and computer science.

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Department of Microbiology
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