Upper Division Curriculum

Required Upper Division curriculum, revised October 2016. Students MUST submit an Upper Division Application by the published deadline.

Junior Year

Fall Semester

Courses Credits
CLLS-415 Cl. Urin & Body Fluids 3
CLLS-307 Cl. Immunology ***** 4
CLLS-303 Hematology I 4
CLLS-308 Cl. Diag. Micro I 5
CLLS-309 Clinical Biochemistry and Instrumentation 4
Total Credit Hours 20

Spring Semester

Courses Credits
CLLS-416 Cl Diag Micro II 5
CLLS-409 Immunohematology 4
CLLS-403 Hematology II 4
CLLS-310 Clinical Chemistry II 4
Total Credit Hours 17

Senior Year

Fall Semester

Courses Credits
CLLS-400 Clinical Techniques II 2
CLLS-720 Research -WRTG 3
Total Credit Hours 5

Spring Semester

Courses Credits
CLLS-418 Cl. Lab. Decision Making 2
Total Credit Hours 2

Clinical Rotations


Courses Credits
CLLS-404 Hemat/Urin. Practicum 4
CLLS-406 Microbiology Practicum 5
CLLS-408 Chemistry Practicum 4
CLLS-411 Immunohem Practicum 4
Total Credit Hours 17

Reuqired Curriculum Notes

  • * Required for students entering the program fall semester 2008 or after
  • ** CHEM, 180, 181, 182, and 183 may be substituted for General Chemistry Lecture & Labs only with CLS advisors’ approval
  • *** Students must select courses from the African-American cluster published in the Schedule of Courses
  • **** Courses may include SOCI 001, SOCI 183, PSYC 050, PHIL 051, or others approved by a CLS advisor
  • ***** CLLS-720 is a writing intensive course and meets the Division’s 3rd writing requirement