Senior Elective Courses

Electives are to be chosen for not less than four (4) weeks per course, the maximum being seven courses for a total of twenty eight (28) weeks. One credit hour is awarded for each week served in any elective. Students are NOT permitted to take more than two (2) electives in the same discipline if they take six (6) electives or take more than three (3) electives in the same discipline if they take seven (7) electives. If a student enrolls for seven (7) electives, that student MUST satisfactorily complete all seven (7) electives before graduation.

During senior electives, students may simultaneously serve as externs in the selected course, or receive compensation as an US-PHS appointee in connection with an approved elective. Externship or preceptorship appointments must be served at the time of the scheduled elective and must be for the elective course in which the student is enrolled.

The Senior Elective Courses document (pdf) contains descriptions of clinical electives currently offered to Senior Medical Students at the Howard University College of Medicine. It also provides information relating to selection of electives. It is not a complete calendar of events and other important dates. These other dates are shown in the schedules booklet.

Students are urged to review the descriptions in planning their scheduless. The procedures for registration for electives are given at the Senior Electives Courses booklet. Students must adhere to the deadlines to ensure timely clearance for graduation.

The descriptions for intramural courses are shown in this booklet. Specific course numbers for extramural courses will be assigned in the Office of Academic Affairs.

Visiting Medical Students
Senior medical students from LCME accredited schools of medicine in the United States and Canada, and participating COCA Accredited AACOM member colleges may apply for electives at Howard University Hospital or Howard University College of Medicine. These students must be enrolled in their medical schools, have successfully completed the third year, be in good standing at their respective schools at the time of the proposed elective, be approved for the experience by their Deans, show evidence of Basic Life Support (BLS), HIPAA training, liability coverage, background check, up-to-date immunizations, and health insurance coverage. Interested students should apply through VSAS or write to the Senior Associate Dean for Academic Affairs for application forms and instructions. Electives will be approved when space is available, providing the student meets the requirements stated above. Completed forms must be submitted directly to the Senior Associate Dean for Academic Affairs at Howard University College of Medicine. Housing and transportation is not available for visiting medical students; therefore the visiting student must make living and travel arrangements.

Sheik N. Hassan, M.D., FCCP
Associate Dean for Academic Affairs
Howard University College of Medicine
Washington, DC 20059
Tel. (202) 806-9494, Fax (202) 806-7934

Ms Bonnie Cobbs
Director, Academic Support Section
Office of Academic Affairs
Tel. (202) 806-9492, Fax (202) 806-7934

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