About Us

The DC-Baltimore Research Center on Child Health Disparities has four cores. Dr. Jenkins leads the activities of the Administrative Core Howard University and Dr. Rachel Moon performs a similar role at CNMC in addition to the responsibility for the Research Core.  She is assisted on the Research Core by Dr. Ivor Horn. At Johns Hopkins University, Dr. Tina Cheng is responsible for the Administrative Core at JHU and the Training Core activities. In addition, she is also the PI for one of the research projects that is being conducted.  She is supported on the Training Core by Dr. Maria Trent (JHU) and Dr. Tish Ryan (JHU) is an investigator on Dr. Cheng's research project.  Dr. Stacy Hodgkinson (CNMC) has the responsibility of the Community Core and charged with leading the Community Advisory Board (CAB).  The second research project is being conducted at Howard University where Dr. Gail Nunlee-Bland serves as the PI. She is assisted on that project by Dr. Randi Streisand from CNMC.