About PA

Division of Allied Health Sciences

The Division of Allied Health Sciences in the College of Nursing and Allied Health Sciences at Howard University has been in existence since 1974. The Division has provided challenging educational programs for numerous allied health professionals. As the first historically Black College and University to open a school of allied health, Howard University has produced over 2000 allied health professionals. Many are working as health care providers, researchers, educators, policy makers, and administrators in the US Caribbean and Africa.

Graduates have been recognized for their scholarship, and contributions to community and public service. Members of the faculty are leaders within their fields. Several are Fellows in their professional organizations, and many hold local and national leadership positions. When combined, over 68 percent of the faculty either hold or are pursuing doctoral degrees.

Choosing a career in allied health sciences is an outstanding decision. As the largest contributor to the health care work force, the employment outlook for allied health is excellent. Most students are employed within the first three months of graduation, and command salaries within a range of $35,000-$74,000. Without a doubt the Division prepares students for outstanding careers in Allied Health Sciences.

The Profession

Physician Assistants are licensed health care professionals who practice in primary care, ambulatory, emergency, inpatient, outpatient, and long-term care settings. Physician Assistants deliver health care services to diverse patient populations with acute to chronic medical and surgical conditions. Services performed by Physician Assistants while practicing with physician supervision include but are not limited to the following: eliciting patient histories; performing physical examinations; ordering, performing, and interpreting diagnostic/therapeutic procedures; implementing and monitoring patient management plans for medical and surgical conditions; counseling patients to include prescribed therapeutic regimens; and facilitating the referral of patients in the provision of continuity of care. Physician Assistants may also practice as an academician, researcher, and administrator.