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Appendix A:
New web site to teach Radiology to Medical students... go to URL:
and access “RSNA Clerkship Companion”

For information on how this web site was created, go to:

 (Press release) New Website is Critical Companion to Medical Students

While radiology plays an increasingly important role in managing patient care, the specialty is generally relegated to an elective status in many medical schools, often leaving medical students lacking information about the essential principles of diagnostic imaging.

RSNA's recently launched Clerkship Companion website, which assists medical students in clinical core rotations and electives.

This  new online tool allows medical students to explore the basic principles of diagnostic imaging while accessing information to aid in diagnosing and caring for patients in everyday practice at the point of care. Recently launched by RSNA, the Clerkship Companion acts as a "companion" to assist medical students in clinical core rotations and electives.

Dr. Judith K. Amorosa led a 100-plus member team from the Robert Wood Johnson Medical School/University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey (UMDNJ) in Newark, N.J., in creating the Clerkship Companion, which was funded with two RSNA R&E Foundation Grants totaling $150,000.

Appendix B:

Applying to radiology residency:

The latest version of the Radiology Residency Match Guide, APPS OF STEEL (7th Edition), has been posted at the Hopkins Radiology Educational website,

Please feel free to forward this to any students interested in the Radiology application process or to any student match advisors or educators at your institution.  Many non-radiology applicants have also found much of the more generic info (thank you letter controversies, odd questions asked at interviews, how to tell a program you'd like to rank them Number One, common pitfalls and pearls for the interview trail, etc...) useful.

The website, generously enabled by the MR and Evelyn Hudson Foundation, is still under development but has been heavily used this first year at Hopkins to help the MS One students with Gross Anatomy, and has been increasingly used for the Clinical Radiology Elective and Clinical (Medical, Surgical, etc) Clerkship students as well.  Feel free to explore the site.  Feedback or suggestions are always welcome.

Donna Magid, MD, M.Ed
Associate Professor of Radiology
Johns Hopkins